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Germans send data straight from Google Maps to BMWs

March 8, 2007

Navigation systems have revolutionized the way we get from A to B — a huge step up from crusty fold-out maps and a “good sense of direction.” It’s going to get even better now that Google Maps and BMW have joined forces to streamline the data entry process. Instead of printing out or writing down […]

PlayStation Home Revealed

March 8, 2007

First screenshots and videos from Sony’s new online service After a week of anticipation, PlayStation Home is finally official. Sony released screenshots of what many have been terming “online identities” or “avatars.” Unlike the cartoony look of Nintendo’s Miis and the feature-filled interface of Xbox Live, PlayStation Home adopts the “virtual world” concept that, at […]

dual-LCD monitor gets release date (in Korea)

March 8, 2007

Last we saw Woojin’s Tenbuno monitor, with its 8.4-inch LCD perched atop its 19-inch main display, we weren’t sure when it’d ever see the light of day or how much it might cost. Well, we’ve now got an answer to half of that equation, with AVING reporting that the monitor will hit Korea sometime this […]

Samsung’s (HHD) released to OEMs

March 7, 2007

Samsung and Microsoft have been touting the wonders of the hybrid hard drive since 2005 — in other words “forever” on a technology timeline. Now, finally, Samsung is pushing their ReadyDrive-friendly HHD out the door to OEMs starting today. The MH80 series of 2.5-inch drives build in 128/256MB of NAND flash to augment the traditional […]

Microsoft v/s google

March 7, 2007

Microsoft Corp. is set to launch a blistering attack on rival Google Inc. on Tuesday for what the software giant argues is the Web search leader’s “cavalier” approach to copyright protection. In prepared remarks to be delivered to the Association of American Publishers, Microsoft Associate General Counsel Thomas Rubin argues that Google’s move into new […]