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PlayStation Home Revealed

March 8, 2007

First screenshots and videos from Sony’s new online service After a week of anticipation, PlayStation Home is finally official. Sony released screenshots of what many have been terming “online identities” or “avatars.” Unlike the cartoony look of Nintendo’s Miis and the feature-filled interface of Xbox Live, PlayStation Home adopts the “virtual world” concept that, at […]

new PS3 controllers are here…

March 7, 2007

Mad Catz’s PlayStation 3 accessories have been pretty sparse since the console’s release — consisting only of some cables, controller skins, a vertical stand, and a “horizontal system stacker” — but the company’s now stepping things up a bit, rolling out a new line of PS3 controllers competing for your thumbs’ attention. Available in both […]

Dead Rising to get Co-op Treatment?

March 6, 2007

Ok now this is to be taken with a pinch (or a tablespoon if you will) but Capcom’s upcoming Dead Rising Platinum Edition (which is basically a re-release of the game) will feature online co-op over Xbox Live if the April issue of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) is to be believed. People who already own […]

Worms Now Available On XB Live Arcade

March 5, 2007

Everyone’s favorite turn based strategy Worms has finally made it to Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft points. This Arcade version of Worms will feature high-definition graphics, turn-based multiplayer action, twenty single-player challenges, customizable elements, and leaderboard support. Worms is a cleverly balanced turn-based strategy game in which teams of heavily armed worms battle across […]

Microsoft to Release 512MB Memory Unit for Xbox 360

March 5, 2007

With the 512MB Memory Unit on its way, why bother with the 64MB one? Xbox 360 gets a bigger memory card, but no new hard drive As one of the first announcements out of this year’s Game Developers Conference, Microsoft today said that it plans to launch a 512MB Memory Unit for the Xbox 360. […]