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Another Vista activation bypass: for reals this time

March 5, 2007

Considering that as recently as a couple of days ago lots of people (including us) were potentially duped into believing that someone had created a keygen utility that churned out working serial numbers for Windows Vista, you’ll forgive us for being a little hesitant to recommend the latest Vista crack on the block. Apparently the […]

New hacker trick may expose Oracle databases

March 4, 2007

A new attack technique increases the risk of commonly found bugs in Oracle’s database software, a security researcher has warned. It was previously thought that an attacker needed high-level privileges on the database to exploit so-called PL SQL injection vulnerabilities. With a new attack technique, that’s no longer true, David Litchfield, a database security expert […]

keygen cracks open Vista

March 3, 2007

There’s already been a workaround discovered for using a Vista upgrade DVD to perform a full install, but some intrepid hackers now appear to have opened up an even bigger flaw in the shiny new OS’s armor, developing a brute force keygen that spits out valid product activation keys. While the keygen has been confirmed […]

Wii hacked with LPT cable instead of modchip?

March 3, 2007

This Wii hack set-up looks a bit dubious, at least at first glance, but may hold something promising for mod maniacs. Textb00k posted a video of his modded Wii playing a backup of Red Steel where he ditches the trusty modchip for a couple wires soldered to the drive board and routed to his PC’s […]

Infamous MacBook WiFi hack demonstrated, dubious code to go public

March 2, 2007

This on-again / off-again storyline surrounding the infamous MacBook WiFi hack has us all in a bit of a whirlwind, but it looks like the responsible party is finally coming clean. David Maynor, who is now the CTO at Errata Security, broke the silence regarding the questionable WiFi vulnerability that he claimed existed in Apple’s […]