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Samsung’s (HHD) released to OEMs

March 7, 2007

Samsung and Microsoft have been touting the wonders of the hybrid hard drive since 2005 — in other words “forever” on a technology timeline. Now, finally, Samsung is pushing their ReadyDrive-friendly HHD out the door to OEMs starting today. The MH80 series of 2.5-inch drives build in 128/256MB of NAND flash to augment the traditional […]


March 7, 2007

We already had the capability to ascertain that intel company does not hide its plans with respect to the release of discrete graphical solutions. Within the project is developed the poly-nuclear video chip, which has 16 cores, placed on one crystal. It is assumed that the announcement of this graphical solution will takes place in […]

Commodore Launching Gaming PCs

March 7, 2007

After brokering a deal last June, Commodore, the previously strong maker of the Commodore64 PC, is going to launch a line of gaming PCs at CeBIT. Seeing as the Commodore brand has been entrenched in the minds of PC users the punchline to a joke about how old their machine is, it’s going to be […]

Samsung Q1P UMPC gets Vista-fied

March 7, 2007

So aside from Kevin and James over at jkOnTheRun, we’re not sure how many folks are going to be delighted to learn that Samsung’s Q1P UMPC is now all Vista-certified (it still ships with the same rather anemic hardware, however), but sometimes you just gotta throw a bone to the hardcore “ultranauts.” Not much to […]

Fujitsu’s MHW2 BJ series of disks

March 6, 2007

God loves the little children and super fast storage devices. That’s why she gave us Uncle Al and the new MHW2 BJ series of 2.5-inch hard disk drives from Fujitsu. The new 2.5-inch, SATA 3.0Gbps HDDs max-out at 160GB, a world’s biggest to spin at 7,200rpm. Sure, that pales in comparison to Fujitsu’s own 300 […]