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Germans send data straight from Google Maps to BMWs

March 8, 2007

Navigation systems have revolutionized the way we get from A to B — a huge step up from crusty fold-out maps and a “good sense of direction.” It’s going to get even better now that Google Maps and BMW have joined forces to streamline the data entry process. Instead of printing out or writing down […]

Microsoft v/s google

March 7, 2007

Microsoft Corp. is set to launch a blistering attack on rival Google Inc. on Tuesday for what the software giant argues is the Web search leader’s “cavalier” approach to copyright protection. In prepared remarks to be delivered to the Association of American Publishers, Microsoft Associate General Counsel Thomas Rubin argues that Google’s move into new […]

Inbox.com Announces Free Mail Upgrade

March 4, 2007

Inbox.com today has announced its latest upgrade of free webmail service including tools for organizing users’ emails. With its 5 GB capacity email accounts, Inbox.com is one of the world’s largest free webmail services with email label categorization in combination with folders. Inbox.com users can now create traditional folders to organize emails. Color-coded labels help […]

After YouTube, Will it be LetsFilm.com?

March 4, 2007

The Web 2.0 era, the next step in internet evolution, has opened up the online world in a way that the internet is now largely driven by User Generated Content (UGC). Be it the popular Wikipedia, or the phenomenon called YouTube, the web experience is no longer a one way lane. Today, it’s all about […]