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Google Phone !!!!

March 6, 2007

the google phone codenamed -“switch” will be a blackberry like device. Google and Samsung are rumored to be building the phone, google is trying to build relationship with multiple carriers; source:- gizmodo.com Advertisements

Apple and Google working together on new projects

March 6, 2007

Man, this is one is feeding right into some fanboy’s sick fantasy: when asked about at a conference on Monday about a potential Google + Apple tablet device, Google CEO Eric Schmidt did confirm that the two companies are working together on “many more” new projects and left it at that. It’s tempting to want […]

Treo 680 sheds its cam for the biz crowd

March 6, 2007

Usually it’s not all that noteworthy when a popular product drops one of its features, but when that device is the Treo 680, and that feature is the VGA camera, then it’s certainly notable to your security-conscious businessfolk. Even though this is the Treo that’s supposed to draw in the non-techie consumer — and even […]

Rim’s Blackberry 8300 “Daytona” with WiFi?

March 6, 2007

  Photos of a purportedly unannounced Blackberry codenamed “Daytona” are making the rounds in Spain this morning. This new RIM device clearly marked “evaluation unit” on the back is said to sport a 2 megapixel camera with LED flash, GPS, and that glorious WiFi we’re all missing on the 8800. Spanish site Xataka speculates that […]

Rumored HTC Sirius, Erato, and Wings get detailed specs and dates

March 4, 2007

We don’t know where the information came from and (as ever) we can’t be absolutely certain that it’s genuine, but over the last few days a range of specific details on some previously rumored HTC mobiles have turned up in data sheet and picture form over at PDAdb.net. First up is the HTC P6500 Sirius: […]